TDB International provides information technology (IT) solutions that will improve the efficiencies of your company's communication capabilities whether it is in an urban environment or in a remote sparsely populated region.

TDB is partnered with premier IT providers who own coverage for most of the earth's surface. This can be accomplished via VSAT C band and Ku band satellite or terrestrial links with capability of point to point (PTP) or Point to Multipoint (PMP) architecture. The system of choice is most often decided upon based location of the required services which in turn may dictate available servicesand price.

TDB designs IT architecture internal to the customer's facility for Wi-Fi or cabled solutions. Often managing limited bandwidth in remote environments is both frustrating and challenging. TDB either offers services for a qualified IT technician to stay at the customer’s site or work with your company's IT technician to manage the usage to obtain the best efficiency for your IT system and to allow the customer tohave a balanced use between work and personal use.

Additionally, TDB through its partner offers secure HD video-teleconferencing that can reduce the high cost of travel. It allows that personal touch in working with both your internal and external customers for a fraction of the cost. In today's hi-tech environment personal relationships are often lost. Our video-teleconferencing capability assists in building or rebuilding those personal relationships vital to a healthy business.

TDB also utilizes our IT solution to offer web-based training for both public and private sectors. This service must be tailored to the customer needs and their operating systems. The web-based training can assist the customer in developing a cost effective method in continuous training and testing. Benefits realized from the service reduce costs in requiring trainers, eliminating travel costs to a centralized training center and keeping the person at their respective work site.

TDB's goal is to deliver a total trouble free IT solution to ensure that your company has a useful communication tool to assist in achieving even greater success.

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