TDB International provides construction services that include high quality concrete manufacturing and supply, beautiful low and medium income housing, storage buildings, office buildings and complete compounds that can be utilized by the private sector or public to serve the local police or military.

The construction method chosen by TDB is dependent upon the customer's requirements and their budget. We tailor the design of the construction solution in order to achieve the best customer satisfaction. Some of the construction methods offered by TDB include design-build, pre-fabricated buildings and relocatable structures. TDB continually looks for new cost-effective construction methodologies that provide high quality structures for a competitive price to allow the customer's budget to buy more. Last, the structures must be feasible for the environment in which they are constructed and acceptable to the local culture.

TDB's concrete business utilizes a volumetric concrete mixer operating on the customer's site to deliver high quality concrete for a competitive price. More importantly concrete mixed in this fashion meets the customer’s real-time demand. Providing concrete with a volumetric mixer often reduces construction timelines and lowers cost while increasing quality. TDB provides concrete for traditional pours and has a shotcrete capability to build fencing that can be stamped to look like cut stone. Additionally, TDB offers pre-cast concrete services for the contractor who requires concrete piping, blocks and curbing to mention only a few.

TDB International can be your premier construction solution providing tailor-made solutions to fit your needs.

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