In today's business world it is not uncommon to require translation of documents and interpretation between individuals in business meetings from one language to another. While many know two or more languages this may not be at a proficient standard to accurately translate or interpret for effective business operations. “Translators are born not made,” therefore the most important factor in translation is “creative imagination.” All the translator requires is a modicum of training to reach full stature. TDB employees have professional training for both translation and simultaneous interpretation to assist any company or governmental agency as they conduct international business.

Some of the languages that TDB's employees know include English, Swahili, Urdu, Hindi, French, Spanish to name just a few. The skill sets for each TDB employee in this business division are tested and verified to ensure the customer is receiving the highest quality of translation and interpretations services.

Translation services can include official documents, drawings, training lessons & procedures, legal documents, medical papers to name a few examples. Accuracy in translation of documentation is critical to anyone's core business whether you are negotiating a business deal or performing diplomatic services for your country.

Our simultaneous interpretation services support international conferences for multi-national governmental discussions or for businesses that are negotiating teaming or joint venture agreements. Both must have an accurate understanding of what is said by the other party through a professional interpreter who often not only understands the language, but equally as important they understand the culture to place the discussion in the correct context. In addition to conferences customers require interpreters while on the job to instruct a workforce on what is required to be accomplished on a daily basis and throughout the workday. This is especially important for the business person who may fly into a country for only a few days.

TDB has a professional group of highly qualified employees who can deliver professionally translated documents and interpret a wide variety of languages that will place the customer in the driver seat as they negotiate deals with their client or partner.

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