TDB International offers its Operations and Maintenance (O&M) from two different perspectives. One is for facilities that TDB constructs and the second for customers who have existing facilities for which they need someone to manage.

Some of the services that TDB offers in our O&M business division include:

- Maintenance for heating ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC), refrigerators, freezers and generators
- General equipment maintenance

- Servicing of water & sewage systems
- Solid waste recycling and removal

- Landscaping and grounds upkeep

- Delivery of fuel as required
- Laundry services
- consumables inventory management
- Multi-level catering services

These services can be offered in total or the customer can pick and choose what they require for their facility. TDB requires its employees to have proper training and therefore be qualified for the job in which they serve.

TDB International can be your solution to remove the headache of facility management from your worries. Our services will provide efficiencies not yet realized and in the end reduce costs to increase your bottom line.

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