There are many companies that can do the work, but may be challenged to become the winning bidder on a proposal or tender. TDB International has a highly experienced staff of proposal writers that can deliver this type of service to companies. TDB’s proposal writing staff has experience in writing involved U.S. Government proposals as well as writing more European style tenders found when working with organizations like the United Nations. Understanding the differences in terminology and the requirements of the different processes are critical to increasing your win probability in proposal writing.

TDB's vast knowledge of Defense and Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFAR & FAR) ensures your company is protected by understanding the regulation that must be complied with in order to win and perform on the contract. TDB assists companies in understanding and developing cost schedules formats, which isaanother critical area for proposal writing and an area in which TDB excels and therefore so does your company.

Your proposal information is kept confidential and even compartmentalized from other business divisions within TDB and from our partners. This confidentiality is essential to TDB's core values and integrity, and to provide your company piece of mind.

Often companies may not have the subject matter experts to write a competitive proposal. TDB's employee base possess many years of experience and if they have not worked in the area your company is bidding, TDB will know someone in their network who has. TDB can also assist your company in finding that "key" person you are required to hire in order to win the contract.

TDB can make the difference for your company to significantly increase your percent win factor and grow your company’s financial revenue where it really counts.

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