TDB International’s employees possess over 25 years of security experience which provide professionalism with maturity of service to its customers. This business division is further enhanced by the partnerships TDB has with professional security providers throughout theworld.

Often companies do not think about security until it is too late - a thief breaks into your facility or God forbid someone is hurt. In today’s international business world there are very real threats that were not a concern in the past. TDB reviews your physical security, policies & procedures and IT security by facility or for an entire corporation.

Once TDB has completed the security assessment we deliver a professional report that is much more than just pointing out weaknesses. Our report offers solutions that include cost estimates based on real pricing that make it easy to place into your budget. Additionally, we make recommendations on equipment to purchase, edits to your policies and procedures, training & awareness and recommend at least one provider for physical protection services.

TDB offers training services in addition to the assessment report. We train your employees and raise security awareness to coincide with recommended policy and procedure edits. Security awareness training if held frequently can increase your company's security ten-fold as you simply have more eyes looking to keep your company safe and secure.

TDB also recommends quarterly and semi-annual visits to conduct follow-up checks to ensure your company is able to maintain the recommended changes. Training during these visits will solidify and answer questions that your employees may have since the last training sessions.

If requested by the customer, TDB’s security assessments include analysis of the security and safety of your company’s executive leadership. This will include shadowing individuals to provide feedback on predictable patterns and how to avoid them. The executive assessment may also include recommendations for equipment installations in their personal residences and for personal security detachments when traveling to include more detailed recommendations when traveling to medium and high-risk areas.

Security assessments by TDB raise that level of security to safely operate in both domestic and international environments. Don't be the company that wishes they had the assessment after an "event" occurs.

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